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📕 About

Sketch is a library meant to be used by Team Abode projects, but anyone is welcome to use this library.

⭐Notable Features

  • Block Entity Extender API: Add new valid block entries to vanilla block entities.
  • Config API: A WIP config API that works well enough for our own mods.
  • Data Driven Animations: Entity animations based off the vanilla animation system.
  • Shield Events: Event callbacks for shield blocking and disabling.
  • Custom Boat Type: Data-driven registries for boat types that bypass the hardcoded vanilla enum.
  • Worldgen Tools: WIP worldgen tools such as new feature types.

❓What's Next?

  • A much more robust config API with an ingame config editor.
  • Expanded worldgen tools that allow for easier biome placement and surface rules.
  • More events!

🌐 Server Hosting