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📕 About

Guarding is a simple fabric mod that expands upon the Shield, featuring new mechanics and unique enchantments! Most features in this mod are also highly configurable!


  • Parrying! Time your blocks just right and perform a parry, pushing back enemies.
  • Pummeling, a new enchantment that increases parry knockback.
  • Barbed, a new enchantment which applies thorns onto your shield.
  • The Netherite Shield! A tough shield that's more durable, fire resistant, and grants some knockback resistance.
  • Shield Trims! The Netherite Shield utilizes armor trims, instead of banners for cosmetics.
  • Instantaneous Blocking! Shields will now block quicker, similar to the Combat Test snapshots.

👏 Contributors

  • Thanks to Outer Cloud for creating the logo!
  • Thanks to Chikorita Lover for helping out with the audio and visual effects for the Netherite Shield!
  • Thanks to XKZGx for Ukrainian localisations!

🌐 Server Hosting