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Mod Description


Simply Samples is a mod for Minecraft that adds samples for various ores. On its own this mod does not really make sense but in combination with mods like Large Ore Deposits, Geolosys or Realistic Ore Veins it becomes really useful.

I know that some of that mods already provide their own samples. The benefit of this mod is, that I can easily add new samples to the list of supported ores. All I really need is an ore name and a color in hex format (FFFFFF). Everything else is done by data generators.


The default behavior is, that my sample blocks drop a specific sample item. The block and item do not have any default recipes so modpack creator can decide what to do with the them. Also the item can be placed again. This is intentional so players can use the samples for decorative purposes or even trick other players on PvP servers.


This is a forge mod. A fabric version is not planned currently.
Support for older versions:
1.16: active development version
There is no release for older versions planned so far. If you need a backport, then feel free to port it yourself.


Overview of the current samples
All samples provide water logging mechanics and support for horizontal directions.
Version 1.0
- Iron
- Coal
- Gold
- Diamond
- Emerald
- Redstone
- Lapis
Tech Mods:
- Tin
- Copper
- Silver
- Lead
- Nickel
- Aluminum
- Uranium
- Osmium
Version 1.0.1
- Zinc
Version 1.0.2
- Apatite
- Cinnabar
- Niter
- Fluorite
- Sulfur
- Certus Quartz