Simply Juices

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Bushes, Berries, Juices!


Simply juices generates 5 different types of bushes in your world. Harvestable with your bare hands they drop berrie's that you can either eat or squeeze them with the juicer into juices.

Simply Juices was inspired by Natura and Pam's HarvestCraft. Just .. Without everything else!


Spotlight by @KingstenHD



Juices recipe


Juicer recipe


Bottle recipe

(When enabled in the configuration) 




  • Worldgeneration configurable per berrybush.
  • Hunger and Saturation values configurable. (latest)
  • Option to enable recipes requiring a bottle.
  • Option to enable extra Juices for vanilla items. (Apple, Melon and Carrot)



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  • Awesome suggestions are always welcome!
  • Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks. You do not have to ask for permission.
  • Please use the official download link on Curse/Curseforge. Rehosting is not allowed.



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