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This mod adds a few items in the game, each with a different look.

They will automaticly replenish your food and saturation levels when enabled, with the food you fill it with.


The Baconator.

Baconator recipe

(default food: Cooked Porkchop)

The Jerkynator.

Jerkynator recipe

(default food: Cooked Beef)

The Cluckinator.

Cluckinator recipe

(default food: Cooked Chicken)

The Darkonator.

Darkonator recipe

(default food: Apples)




  • Baconator types can be enabled/disabled.
  • Customizable storage capacity. (default: 64 (1 stack))
  • Accepted food is customizable per Baconator item.



  • Sneak (while holding) to fill it with food from your inventory.
  • Sneak & Mouseover to see what food can be stored.
  • Right-click when hungry to feed. (default food behavior)
  • Sneak & right-click to enable/disable auto-feeding.
  • Combine a baconator with dye (in a regular crafting grid) to recolor them.




  • Found an issue? Use the Github Issue tracker to report them!
  • Awesome suggestions are always welcome!
  • Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks. You do not have to ask for permission.
  • Please use the official download link on Curse/Curseforge. Rehosting is not allowed.



  • Read the changelogs!


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