SimpleLogic Wires

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SimpleLogic Wires is a mod which adds redstone, insulated and bundled cables.

  • Redstone cables function much like redstone dust, but they can be placed on any face!
  • Insulated cables come in one of sixteen (dye) colours, don't connect to wires of other colours and don't emit "strong" redstone power.
  • Bundled cables combine the sixteen insulated cable colours as separate channels, allowing you to transmit sixteen signals in one cable!

All of the cables come in freestanding and non-freestanding ("grounded") variants.

Additional functionality is also available:

  • Shift-scrolling lets you switch between the wires you have in your inventory without opening the inventory menu!
  • Since the wires are based on MCMultiPart 2, you can use existing mods (such as Chisels & Bits) to block off connections.

Behaviour differences from typical implementations:

  • The wires keep the analog value of the signal input into them - but do not decay it!

Known issues:

  • The wires used to be slightly wonky in 1.10. The big bugs have been fixed, but small ones may still lurk. That's why it's a beta!
  • "Fancy" bundled cable rendering is not yet available for freestanding cables.

Compatible mods:

Mods with pending compatibility:

  • ComputerCraft

For those of you familiar with the 1.9/1.10 releases of Charset, the wires in this mod are a direct descendant of those.

This mod requires CharsetLib and MCMultiPart!


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