Zetta Industries


Zetta Industries, ZI for shorts a mod that aims to extend other mods by adding various functionalities.

Currently, ZI adds functionalities to mods like Vanilla ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Big Reactors, Immersive Engineering and Open Computers.

From a technical standpoint, ZI is divided into modules, that only initialize if certain mods and config options are present. As such, even though it may at one time in the future be very extensive, it can be trimmed down to a smaller, more manageable resource footprint.


As of now, the modules are:

  • Big Battery

    This is a multi-block structure intended for storing absurdly large amounts of RF energy. It is built pretty much exactyl the same way as a Big Reactor, with minor differences (i.e. energy I/O only on top, electrode behaviour)



  • OC Wires
    wires and connectors similar to those introduced in Immersive Engineering, but instead of transferring Redstone Flux, OC Wires are used to create vast, functional AND aesthetically pleasing OpenComputers networks
  • RF Meter

    This is the block form of an item present in Thermal Expansion (Multimeter), with some ComputerCraft and/or OpenComputers magic on top of it.

  • WireGun

    This module adds a bullet type for Immersive Engineering's revolvers.

    The bullet allows you to spread wire between two connectors in remote locations.

  • Variable Redstone Emitter

    The Variable Redstone Emitter, or V.R.E. for short, is a simple block that gives off a vanilla redstone signal of a given strength (0 to 15) to one of its sides.


  • NFC Cards for Open Computers

  • E-Catalogue

    This is an Open Computers component intended for browsing the Forestry trades catalogue as well as addressing envelopes