SimpleLogic Gates

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SimpleLogic Gates is a mod which adds redstone gates, inspired by the designs found in RedPower 2 and its spiritual successors, in particular RedLogic.

Currently, the following gates are provided:

  • Multiplexer
  • Pulse Former
  • Buffer (, Inverted Buffer (effectively a NOT gate)
  • Set-Reset Latch (
  • Randomizer (
  • Synchronizer (
  • Bundled Inverter (
  • Bundled Transceiver (
  • Comparator (
  • Timer (
  • Bundled Transposer (
  • Repeater (

Additional functionality is also available:

  • Shift-scrolling lets you switch between the gates you have in your inventory without opening the inventory menu!
  • You can invert any input or output of a gate by putting or removing a redstone torch on it.
  • As of, it plays well with Redstone Paste!

Recommended mods:

  • Works best with SimpleLogic Wires!
  • Also works well with Redstone Paste.
  • If you're doing complex circuits, you may find Charset Tools's Signal Meter and Stopwatch really handy!

Behaviour differences from typical implementations:

  • Certain gates (such as the Multiplexer, Synchronizer and Pulse Former) cooperate with analog I/O.
  • Randomizers will not generate random values continuously - you have to cycle them externally.
  • Randomizers, upon receiving a weak redstone signal, will generate random analog values as opposed to digital ones.
  • Set-Reset Latches are actually JK latches - the difference is that triggering both inputs at once will cause the value to toggle, instead of unpredictable behaviour.

Known issues:

  • Some gates are missing - in no small part the Timer!
  • The codebase is a bit rough. Needs work.

For those of you familiar with the 1.9/1.10 releases of Charset, the gates in this mod are a direct descendant of those.

This mod requires CharsetLib!

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