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Are you frustrated with only having 64 stacks of an item in a labelled inventory? Are the JABBA upgrades not enough for you!?

Do you love Deep Storage Units, but hate not being able to pull items in and out like a barrel?


Then this is the mod for you!


Adds the DSU Label. Attach it to any Deep Storage Unit (technically any IDeepStorageUnit, like a JABBA barrel!) and enjoy labelling goodness. Input items with right click, extract with left click, shift left click.


It's as easy as that!


New in 1.8.9: The Vast Storage Unit! Holds many, many, many stacks of a single item. While similar, it is legally distinct from any storage unit you may be familiar with!


Credits to tterrag1098 for his enormous help with the rendering, and Skyboy for educating me about how a Deep Storage Unit actually works. Thank you also to CyanideX, BBoldt and the Unity team for allowing me to use their textures for both the VSU and the SimpleLabel.