Ex Nihilo Adscensio

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Ex Nihilo Adscensio


Do you love Skyblocks? Do you hate having one block that takes you from minute 5 to year 5? Then this is the mod for you!


Ex Nihilo Adscensio is the continuation of the Ex Nihilo mod from 1.7.10, rewritten from the ground up.

The core concepts remain the same, but with a few key additions to give a little extra progression.


  • Sieve blocks in the sieve for resources, just as before, but the sieve now takes different meshes.
    Each mesh gives potentially different results, so check carefully.
    Sieve meshes can also be enchanted in a vanilla crafting table to give an extra boost to your efficiency (or fortune).
  • Hammers now respect a mining level. No more using a wooden hammer for everything!
  • Witchwater is back!
  • Mob Dolls are back!
  • Barrels are back! They can also potentially compost to something that isn't dirt, if you choose.
  • Silk Worms are back! (And easier to see)
  • Crucibles are back! And can potentially melt down to things that aren't lava...
  • The Broken/Crushed/Powdered Ore system has been replaced with a simple "Piece / Chunk" system. I felt like the old system served as nothing more than a nuisance, and ended up with something like this anyway.

Most importantly, from a developers perspective, the entire backend is powered by JSON. This means almost everything is configurable, allowing you to set up the mod as you see fit. This means no more reliance on MineTweaker/ModTweaker.


This mod has been through some alpha testing, and I believe it is now stable enough to be released to the general public. However, please note that I am sure there are uncaptured bugs that may or may not be world corruptors.

I consider this mod feature-complete, barring some mod integrations, particularly relating to ore-doubling mechanics. These will be added Soon (TM)


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