Simple Veinminer

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This Is my first actual mod, so some feedback would be appreciated

As this is my first mod, I'm not 100% sure if I've done everything the most efficient way possible, but I did my best


I recently started playing with a few mods on 1.18.1. It was pretty fun but I got way too used with veinmining on other modpacks...

So, I looked for a veinminer for 1.18.1 fabric and... Nothing (Well there's VeinMiner4Bukkit and Vein Mining (Fabric) but neither do what I needed)


So, taking a page from Thanos' book, I did it myself




Enchantments and multiplayer

I haven't tested any modded enchantments (yet), but the vanilla ones work correctly


From what I've tested, it works fine on multiplayer. But, admittedly, I play basically just singleplayer, so if there are multiplayer only issues, I'll mostly likely never find them on my on


The mod needs to be installed on the server and is recommended on the client


So, if you find anything wrong, please do report it



The mod works out of the box but it has some config options you may find useful

I suggest messing around with them a bit to find what fits you best

The easiest way to do that is by using Mod Menu and Cloth Config, but both are optional


Found a bug? Has a suggestion? Any complaints?
Please leave a comment here on curseforge or create an issue over at Github



Feel free to add this to as many modpacks as you would like





  • Added the hammer veinmining shape
  • Added "Exhaust" config option


 Potential TODO list (No promises tho, college is tough and time is limited)

  • Config to make different tier tools have different max blocks
  • Optionally serverside only (as suggested in this comment)
  • Shapes (as suggested in this comment)



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