Simple Ostriches

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Welcome to Simple Ostriches

Simple Ostriches is a mod that adds a singular mob: The Ostrich. The Ostrich is a unique mob with different animations and properties.

Here are the ostriches, with their two different variants.
The ostriches, with their two variants
Ostriches spawn in the Savanna biome, and they can be found in groups of 2-4 ostriches per group. There are 2 different ostrich variants, each one looking like a different gender of the real-life ostrich.
Ostriches are friendly entities, and they will not attack you if you attack them, instead they will run around for 2 seconds, and then bury their head into the ground.

An ostrich burrying its head into the ground


You can breed ostriches, but they don't function like normal mobs. Ostriches lay one Ostrich Egg every time it is bred, and these eggs take time to hatch, so be sure to look for it!
Two ostriches with their egg
Ostriches can also be Ridden, by putting a saddle on them, just like on pigs. Beware, as they are quite fast!
A player riding an ostrich
If you kill an ostrich (but why would you???), it will drop feathers and a new food source: the Ostrich Meat.
Ostrich meat is an average meat source, and it can be cooked in furnaces, smokers and campfires to get Cooked Ostrich Meat.

Have a suggestion? Found a bug?

If you have found anything wrong with the mod, be sure to send it here, or to me in discord at itayfeder#6487
Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this mod! 



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