Simple Farming

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Filename simplefarming-1.14.4-1.2.2.jar
Uploaded by enemeez1
Uploaded Oct 26, 2019
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Version 1.2.2 (10/26/19) Forge 28.1.70

*** Make sure to backup your worlds ***

-Added a scarecrow. It prevents blocks in a 10 block radius from being trampled.

-Added some Halloween related meals 

-Fixed gourd blocks not being harvested quickly by axes

-Allowed opuntias to rotate when placed by player and generated

-Added dynamic hitboxes for bushes and opuntias

-Added settings for each right click option (crops, bushes, etc.)

-Fixed seeds not dropping from ferns and tall grass

-Made the fruit log waterlogged

-Decreased amount of loot in chests

-Attempted to fix right-click harvesting where the seed is also the crop

-Re textured outdated pies

-Created unique sprites for the soybean and pepper crops

-Fixed honeydew seeds not being compostable

-Retouched some crops

-Added jam

-Tweaked the recipes for PBJ

-Allowed for recipes to be more compatible with other mods

-Removed cleansing effect from olive oil

-Updated de_de.json (credit to Pandory)