Simple Compass

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Simple Compass by TreSet

Compass HUD generated by the mod.


This mod creates a simple and clean RPG-like compass showing indicators for the four cardinal directions on the ingame HUD. You can set up to four waypoints which are displayed alongside the cardinal directions.

The settings page opens by pressing H by defaut and can be accesed via Mod Menu.


This mod requires VanillaConfig (since v1.6.0)!

Put the .jar file from releases into your Minecraft Mod folder.

List of features (v1.5.0)

  • simple, clean compass bar
  • easy to use ingame settings menu
  • four, per world customizable waypoints
  • adjustable compass scale (width)
  • individually adjustable direction and waypoint sprite size
  • multiple display modes: display always, never or when holding a compass in hand, hotbar or inventory
  • minimalist mode: removes all color on the compass (displays only the letters)
  • proper waypoint scaling in the nether


This mod is available under the GNU GPLv3 license. Feel free to redistribute, modify and incorporate it in your own open-source projects.


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