Angry Bees

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This mod adds angry bees to Pam's HarvestCraft, as well as a beekeeping suit complete with gloves.

Breaking beehives will release a swarm of angry bees on anyone nearby.  Equipping every piece of the beekeeping suit will protect you from their stings.  Leather boots and hardened leather boots will also work with the beekeeping suit, but if you even take off a single glove you are exposing yourself to the wrath of the bees.

Opening any container that holds a queen bee also has a chance of releasing a small swarm of angry bees.  Thankfully, you can safely store a queen bee by keeping it in a glass bottle.

The only way to get rid of a swarm of angry bees is to jump in the nearest lake.  Otherwise, you will have to wait until they lose interest in you.



A bee in a bottle can be crafted simply by putting a queen bee and an empty glass bottle together.

Beekeeping gloves are crafted from leather and woven cotton.

All other pieces of the beekeeping suit are crafted from wool in the standard armor shapes with the addition of woven cotton.

Beepeeking Hat Recipe

Beekeeping Tunic Recipe

Beekeeping Leggings Recipe

Beekeeping Boots Recipe

Mainhanded Beekeeping Glove Recipe

Offhanded Beekeeping Glove Recipe

Bee in a Bottle Recipe

Queen Bee Recipe



# Configuration file

general {
# List of entities that are immune to bee stings, one per line
# [default: [minecraft:polar_bear], [tfc2:bear]]
S:entityBlacklist <

# Chance of being stung while swarmed by angry bees
# [none, low, medium, high, africanized]
# [default: medium]

# The duration of an angry bee swarm (in number of ticks)
# [range: 1 ~ 2147483647, default: 800]

# The distance an angry bee swarm will travel to attack an entity
# [range: 0 ~ 15, default: 6]


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