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Updated for Silent's Gems 2.7.9 and Silent Lib 2.3.16

Fixed: Models not loading in 1.10.2 and 1.11.2.

Fixed: Feldspar drop rates (it's supposed to drop 1-2 pieces).
Fixed: Cascading worldgen issue.

Added: Feldspar. These friendly brown rocks spawn on the surface. Can be used to craft tools.
Added: The Polisher. This item is made of feldspar and sticks, and is used to make polished stone and wood.
Removed: The old polished stone/wood recipes (use the polisher instead).
Fixed: Errors when loading Cavern parts (and possible others).
Fixed: Magnite's color being wrong... not sure how I did that.
Fixed: Misc parts module not loading (BetterWithMods support).

Updated for Silent's Gems 2.4.0 and Silent Lib 2.2.5 (supports Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12)
Fixed: Tooltips for ingots being missing. Added an extra line about using oredict substitutes.

Added: Soulforged Steel (Better With Mods)
Fixed: Issues with Netherrocks parts (#5)

Updated for latest Silent's Gems and Silent Lib
Added: Parts from the Cavern mod (new module).
Fixed: Ingot localized names

Added: Parts from the Calculator mod (new module). End Diamond currently is not unbreakable like in Calculator, but the durability is extremely high.
Added: Parts from the Fusion mod (to the metals module)

Added: SimpleOres parts (mithril and adamantium, added to metals module)
Added: Osmium (metals module)
Added: Netherrocks parts (new module)

1.2.2 (MC 1.11)
Updated for Silent's Gems 2.2.2
Changed: Items are now added to the "Silent's Gems: Materials" creative tab.
Fixed: Polished stone and most types of polished wood not being craftable in some cases.
Fixed: Some models/textures not loading.
Fixed: Localizations for new ingots.

1.2.1 (MC 1.10.2)
Added: Cobalt, ardite, and manyullyn to metal parts.
Changed: Polished wood/stone recipes now take two rows of slabs to make two pieces (wood was conflicting with TCon drying racks)

Added: Polished wood. It's slightly more durable than vanilla wood with a faster swing speed. Can be crafted from wooden slabs. Comes in oak, birch, spruce, jungle, dark oak, and acacia varieties, as well as a generic "wood" version that can be crafted from any other ore dictionary wooden slabs.
Added: Polished stone. It's slight more durable than vanilla stone with a slower swing speed. Can be crafted from cobblestone slabs.
Note: The new "polished" tool parts are new items as well! I didn't want to override vanilla tool recipes... Search for "polished oak", "polished stone", etc.

Updated for Silent Lib 1.1.0

Fixed: All parts being invisible.

Added: Botania parts (manasteel, elementium, and terrasteel)

Added: The extreme parts (crystallized chaos essence, reinforced obsidian)

Added: Metal main parts (based on Fun Ores at the moment)
Added: Arcanite and Katcheen main parts (Ebon Arts)

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