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Silent's Gems: Extra Parts


This mod is discontinued, as it is no longer relevant in Minecraft 1.14+


Extra Parts is simple enough: it adds extra tool parts for Silent's Gems. It does not add the materials required for building tools (at least they are not craftable), so you will need other mods installed along with this one. For example, you will be able to make tools from bronze if you have another mod that adds bronze ingots (and properly registers them in the ore dictionary).

This is for Minecraft 1.9+ only. The original version of Silent's Gems doesn't allow new materials to be added, so porting this mod to 1.7/1.8 is not possible.

How to Use

Tools are crafted using the modular recipes in Silent's Gems. If you are unsure of how to craft a tool, look at the recipe of a similar gem tool, then replace one or more of the gems with the desired materials. Yes, you can mix gems with materials from this mod! Just make sure all materials are the same tier!

See the CurseForge page for Silent's Gems if you need more info on tool crafting. For the most part, it's identical to vanilla, except that sticks must be replaced by ornate rods for super-tier tools. Bow and shield recipes are different though. Use JEI when in doubt.

Parts Added

I make no guarantees about this list being up-to-date. If you are comfortable looking at Java code, check this package for details on all parts. In the list below, the tier of the part is listed in parenthesis after the name. Notable properties are mentioned, but I won't list exact stats here.

Vanilla Basic

Some vanilla-like parts intended for early game. Or if you want to decorate your super paxel to look like it's made of stone. I'm not judging.

  • Polished Wood (mundane) - Comes in oak, birch, spruce, jungle, dark oak, acacia, and generic wood varieties. They all have the same stats. Similar to vanilla wood tools, but slightly better. Polished wood is crafted with two rows of wooden slabs.
  • Polished Stone (mundane) - Only one variety, generic stone. Similar to vanilla stone tools, but a bit better. It's also slightly more durable than flint, but not as fast and deals less damage. Polished stone is crafted with two rows of cobblestone slabs.

Extreme Parts

Parts that take things... to the extreme. Best used for mixed-material tools/armor in most cases, because of their lopsided stats.

  • Reinforced Obsidian (super) - Ridiculously high durability of 20,480 (no that's not a typo), but weak in all other stats. Best for shovels, or when mixed with other parts. Adds a "Reinforced" prefix to the generated tool name. The item is added by this mod.
  • Crystallized Chaos Essence (super) - Very low durability for a super-tier part, but all are stats are excellent. Difficult to craft, as it requires a nether star to make a few pieces. The item is added by Silent's Gems.


Most common mod metals are supported. Colors are based on Fun Ores. No particular mod is required for these parts to be enabled. This mod adds all of these ingots, but they are unobtainable normally.

  • Copper (mundane) - More durable than flint, but weaker in most other stats.
  • Tin (mundane) - Better than copper in most stats.
  • Nickel (mundane) - Stats are mostly better than iron. It's probably the best mundane material...
  • Zinc (mundane) - Similar to tin.
  • Silver (regular) - Less durable than tin, but faster.
  • Lead (regular) - Not good in any particular stat...
  • Aluminium (regular) - Also matches "aluminum" ingots. Superior to iron in most stats, with a very high melee speed.
  • Bronze (regular) - Decent durability and mining speed for a regular-tier material.
  • Brass (regular) - It's... not that great.
  • Steel (regular) - Good durability, mining speed, and melee damage. Protection stat is equal to diamond.
  • Invar (regular) - No outstanding stats, but nothing bad either.
  • Electrum (regular) - Very fast, but that's all.
  • Platinum (super) - High mining speed and solid melee and magic damage, but low durability for a super-tier material.
  • Titanium (super) - Good durability and very good melee damage.
  • Enderium (super) - Good durability, excellent mining speed and melee damage. Higher protection than diamond.
  • Prismarinium (super) - Good durability, excellent mining speed and magic damage. A high protection stat also makes it one of the best choices (if not the best) for armor.


Added if the Botania mod is present.

  • Manasteel (regular) - Better than iron in some stats.
  • Elementium (regular) - Better than manasteel.
  • Terrasteel (super) - Very good durability and magic damage.


Added if the Calculator mod is present.

  • Reinforced Stone (mundane)
  • Enriched Gold (regular)
  • Reinforced Iron (regular)
  • Redstone (regular)
  • Weakened Diamond (super)
  • Flawless Diamond (super)
  • Fire Diamond (super)
  • Electric Diamond (super)
  • End Forged (End Diamond) (super)


Added if the Cavern mod is present.

  • Magnite (super) - An interesting material with an insane mining speed, but very low durability.
  • Hexcite (super) - A fairly well-balanced material with good magic damage.

Ebon Arts

Added if the Ebon Arts mod is present.

  • Arcanite (regular) - Better than iron in all stats.
  • Katcheen (super) - Better than diamond, good enchantability.


Added if the Netherrocks mod is present.

  • Fyrite (regular)
  • Malachite (regular)
  • Ashstone (regular)
  • Illemenite (regular)
  • Dragonstone (super)
  • Argonite (super)