Silent's Gems: Extra Parts

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Filename SGExtraParts-1.12-1.3.1-25.jar
Uploaded by SilentChaos512
Uploaded Jul 9, 2017
Game Version 1.12
Size 92.46 KB
Downloads 27,173
MD5 79a9873db24705f8e5508f6059677d2a
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Added: Feldspar. These friendly brown rocks spawn on the surface. Can be used to craft tools.
Added: The Polisher. This item is made of feldspar and sticks, and is used to make polished stone and wood.
Removed: The old polished stone/wood recipes (use the polisher instead).
Fixed: Errors when loading Cavern parts (and possible others).
Fixed: Magnite's color being wrong... not sure how I did that.
Fixed: Misc parts module not loading (BetterWithMods support).

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