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This is a core mod for my projects, this is constantly in update until completion.


This mod has currently added


Ores: Orichalcum Ore (Requires Tinkers Palladium or better, Includes tools and OreDict registration) Palladium (Requires Diamond or better)

Materials: Cosmic Fibers (uncraftable, unobtainable) Orichalcum and Palladium Ingots.

Blocks: Block of Orichalcum, Cosmic Wool (has a recipe made of uncraftable materials so uncraftable)

Milestone: Due to the OreDict registration its now compatable with the Thermal Mods!


Planned features:

A ore that requires a diamond pickaxe or better to mine it, the ore can be made into tools and the tools can mine Orichalcum Ore.

TiC Material Integration, Fluid Integration Complete.

ProjectE integration

If everyone wants it then, Spartan Weaponry integration

Orichalcum Alloys!

tbh I personally think Orichalcum should alloy with Mithril forming Orimithril alloy.

another alloy is Orichalcum with Awakened Draconium forming Dragolcum alloy.

Orichalcum with Manyullyn forming Oriyullite alloy.


If you want to help feel free to contact me.

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