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Filename ShinColle-
Uploaded by lulanxd
Uploaded Feb 14, 2018
Game Version 1.10.2   +1
Size 6.28 MB
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MD5 c8de10024e51887c738ce29963a9efee
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


******DELETE shincolle/shincolle.cfg BEFORE UPDATE!!******


NEW: Add Battleship Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima.
NEW: Add Submarine New Princess.
NEW: Add OP Tool for add/remove unattackable target.
NOTE: Remove the same function from Target Wrench.
NEW: Add new equip: Cluster Bomb.
NEW: Player can use ship attack skills in morph. (req: Metamorph mod)
NOTE: Refer to Abyssal Logbook chap 4, "Metamorph".
NEW: Ship can collect xp orb now.
NOTE: Refer to Abyssal Logbook chap 4, "AI Options".
NEW: Ship spawn egg (dark red entity) will show up on the radar in cyan color.
NEW: Add recipe for Training Book.


CHANGE: Tweak crafting method, ship can restart crafting automatically now.
CHANGE: Decrease attack sound rate of mounts.
CHANGE: Increase default pairing distance of chest and waypoint to 16 blocks.
CHANGE: All private block can be used by OP and ally now. (Crane, Vent, Vortex...)
CHANGE: Add some entities as invulnerable target. (ex: EntityHanging, EntityFishHook...)
CHANGE: Player can click invisible target by Command Scepter now. (allies only)


FIX: Increase the torpedo speed of heavy attack of Battleship and Harbour Princess.
FIX: Show attributes bonus of morale level in ship inventory gui properly.
FIX: Add morale upper limit checking.
FIX: Morph ship of Metamorph should not drop spawn egg.
FIX: Tatsuta and Ro500 can do damage properly.
FIX: NPE by null source attack (like potion) on Atago and Takao mob.
FIX: Potion effect by attack should not apply to the entity with same owner.
FIX: Bug entity of morph ship of Metamorph can be removed by left click with Dismantle Hammer.
FIX: Tweak ray trace method to ignore passable block.
FIX: Player become invulnerable on fire.
FIX: NPE on saving entity data.
FIX: Ship can't use aircraft attack if no airplane.
FIX: Ship will dismount before craning.
FIX: CanTeleport flag in config works more properly now.

CONFIG: Add pairing distance of waypoint and chest.
CONFIG: Add exp gain and HP modify setting for morph ship. (req: Metamorph mod)
CONFIG: Add airplane recovery time.