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This mod adds cute ship girls.


1. Friendly and hostile ship girls
2. Ship equipments
3. Leveling system

4. Interact with Metemorph mod


Seikan / Ship Girls:
1. Destroyer : I, Ro, Ha, Ni, Shimakaze, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma

2. Heavy Cruiser : Ri, Ne, Atago, Takao

3. Light Cruiser : Tenryuu, Tatsuta 
4. Carrier : Wo, Kaga, Akagi
5. Battleship : Ru, Ta, Re, Nagato, Yamato, Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima
6. Submarine : U511, Ro500, Ka, Yo, So
7. Princess : Airfield, Battleship, Destroyer, HeavyCruiser, Harbour, Northern, Aircraft Carrier, Isolated Island, Midway, Submarine, SubmarineNew

8. Water Demon: Aircraft Carrier
9. Transport: Wa-Class


The strength and build cost is based on industry mods and Infernal Mobs mod.
It's recommended playing with Metamorph, Grimoire of Gaia, Infernal Mobs, Buildcraft, IC2 or other industry mods for ore resource requirements.


Dev Video

Minecraft forum

Bahamut forum (Chinese)

Report bug / source / update lang file (Github)

Mod download with adfly + google doc




Thanks for David Dzierzecki, the first donator!


$20 - David Dzierzecki

$20 - Ruben Gallegos



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