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Shamanism is a mod about making totems, growing herbs to make medicines, and casting elemental invocations.
It is a very tribal and ancient form of magic that is a way to connect yourself with nature and the world, with the living, or the death.

Note: this is just the beta version, and i have a lot more plans for things to add, so look forward those.


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What features has the mod:
There are 3 main things to do in the mod: Totemcarving, Herbalism, and Elemental Invocations.

There various different totems in the mod, some generate totemic energy, while others require totemic energy.
There are simple totems that can break or place blocks, but also more complex ones, for automation, farming or item-renaming!
The totems don't have a GUI but instead they can interact with the surrounding world directly, so it's your challenge as a player to use both your knowledge about the ancient magic in the world, and your knowledge about redstone!

The herbs can be discovered and grown like crops but with various different uses, ranging from freezing ice, to propelling the player into the sky.

The elemental invocations can be crafted from elementals. There are currently 12 of them. Examples are:
- Wind Gust invocation to blow your enemies away
- Bridge invocation to make a bridge, but watch out! it slowly breaks and cracks so don't stand too long on it!
- Blazing invocation, to shoot 3 fireballs in rapid succesion
- Water Splash invocation! For the more friendly shamans

The mod also has structures to explore, delicious food, a new villager type, custom advancements & lot's more to discover!


What are plans for the future:

- More totems for midgame/endgame!
- More uses for the herbs. (because currently some of them are useless)
- Animals such as buffalo, eagle, coyote, and frog. And also in later version bosses will likely be added.
- Medicin that have both negative and positive effects.
- An in-game guide book.
- Spells that have 2 elements.
- The current spell system will get changed so it is less accessible in the "early-game" and it will also receive changes that make it fit in the theme of the mod better.
- I really would love adding spirits but currently i have no ideas for them yet.

Also please feel free to suggest anything in the comments!

Current reported bugs: (they will be fixed soon)

The projectiles from the invocations are invisable on multiplayer

The wind gust invocation crashes the server

The ruïn puzzle does not work on a server; it might get re-done completely, in the form of a multiblock puzzle rather than a GUI.




This mod is actually mainly a 1-man project, but i would like to special thanks to:

Gamer JH_Plays for a handful of herbs textures!

Orilly, for all of the ruïn textures!

GPgabigob for helping me out with the spices textures!
MAX / IKOMA , for testing and reviewing the mod!

TreeHearth for helping with figuring out the GUI and the farmer!

DWX12 for actively helping with brainstorming in my discord server and submitting many ideas!

Squishling for the help with TESR and the name tag rendering!
and also i will want to give shoutout to the boiz. 


 Discord Server:

Feel free to join the discord server if you want to stay tuned with the newest progress, or if you have suggestions for the mod, or if you just want to chill.



Thanks you for viewing my mod, I wish you fun with playing it, and if you have questions or suggestions, don't be shy! Just comment them! 
Please report bugs, even small ones or big ones, doesn't matter. Also please report: missing craft recipes, exploits, and spelling mistakes.

Greetings, ilja615



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