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The mod currently features a post-diamond spooky mystery mob and some useful movement items which can be made from the drops.


Also a spooky mystery ore and some other misc items. 


Shadowrite is a mod created for MMD SpookyJam 2018.


Spoilers for the mystery of the mod (Read at your own risk):

Shadow Warriors won't spawn in your world until you find and destroy a Shadowrite ore block with a diamond pickaxe. You can locate the Shadowrite ore by listening for tiny whispers underground Y<20. Once done, Shadow Warriors will begin to spawn fairly rarely. However, Shadow Warriors have remarkable range and will attack you from great distances. On New Moon (when the moon is completely black) way more Shadow Warriors will spawn. It is recommended to stay indoors otherwise you may be killed frequently if not prepared.

It is recommended to not release the shadows until you are prepared to fight them. They are pretty strong.


For recipes, please install JEI or NEI.



- TheCallunxz


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