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After more than 2 years in the making, Left 2 Mine is finally here!

Left 2 Mine is a complete overhaul mod which allows players to create, share and play "Left 4 Dead" style maps in Minecraft! 

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well I say a video paints a thousand pictures! Here's a glimpse of what this mod is all about:



This mod is for playing and creating adventure maps it does nothing on its own without a map.


+ Made for multiplayer -> Designed from the ground up to be a multiplayer cooperative experience!

+ Fully working AI Director -> To fully capture the Left 4 Dead feeling, the mod uses a clever AI Director which controls how the game plays out. This allows players to replay maps and have a unique experience every time!

+ Custom Pathfinding -> Using A* the AI Director will only ever send zombies which can reach you, keeping the game flowing and fresh!

+ Tons of weapons, zombies and special infected with more to come -> Currently the mod only features the special infected from Left 4 Dead 1 but the rest are soon to follow and with some original special infected coming soon!

+ 2 Gamemodes -> The mod features the survival and the coop campaign gamemodes. Create a small survival map, or create a vast campaign!

+ Ragdolls and blood -> Slaying zeds has never felt more satisfying! (Fully Configurable!)

+ Map making tools and commands to create unique experiences -> Want to trap the players in a large room and spawn nothing but 8 tanks? Well you can, using commands to manipulate the AI Director!


Music is very important in Left 2 Mine as it helps give sound cues as to what is coming. For a better experience, play the game with music enabled!


Important Wiki Pages:

+ How to play!

+ How to make a map!

+ Commands


Join the discussion on discord here: 


Find maps to play here:

Download Maps

Or download the example map HERE.


As this mod is brand new, there are not many maps to play without creating your own. If you do create your own please get in touch with me and I'll feature it on the official map page!

Please either send the map to me in a message here on curseforge, DM me on Twitter @TheCallunxz or upload the map to curseforge and put 'Left 2 Mine' as a dependency.


You are free to use this mod in a modpack. For instance, to bundle the mod with a map you've created.

However, you are not free to rehost the mod anywhere without my explicit permission.


Special Thanks To:

Valve for the Left 4 Dead series!

GoblinBob for help with the ragdoll maths and physics!

bananafone31 for the panorama in the menu of the mod

jonkos2 for his help in the gameplay video

iChun for the original mod idea which sparked my interest all those years ago!



+ This mod is to be used to create and play adventure maps, it is not for a survival world playthrough! Having the mod enabled while playing a survival world may cause some problems.

+ Please report any bugs, features, ideas etc... to the issue board at the top of the page!

+ If you're having issues understanding how something works please check the Wiki.


The "Left 4 Dead" series and all associated with it are created and owned by Valve Corporation. This is merely a non-profit fan mod to simulate the feeling of the wonderful games they created. Check out the original games on steam!