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Server Holograms


Example image It's a simple mod that allows to create of server side holograms with full support for formatting and items. Everything is created on packet level, which means commands or other mods shouldn't break them. Formatting uses PlaceholderAPI's Text Parser for which docs you can find here. It also supports usage of placeholders from Placeholder API.

If you have any questions, you can ask them on my Discord

You can download it from Modrinth or CurseForge.

Example image 2

Supported line types:

  • text - Simple formatted text
  • text-long - Simple formatted text (visible on longer distance)
  • item - Displays item (either rotating or static)
  • entity - Displays entity
  • particle - Displays a particle
  • image - Displays an image
  • execute - Invisible, clickable element executing commands
  • space - Adds space between lines


You need to have holograms.admin and holograms.main permissions to use these commands. Additionally, you need holograms.executable if you want to add commands to them.

You can also use /holo or /hd instead of /holograms

  • /holograms - Displays mod's version,
  • /holograms create <id> - Creates new hologram,
  • /holograms remove <id> - Removes selected hologram,
  • /holograms teleportTo <id> - Teleports player to hologram,
  • /holograms info <id> - Displays information about hologram,
  • /holograms modify <id> ... - Modifies hologram:
    • ... update-rate <value> - Changes how much time (in ticks, 1 sec = 20 ticks) needs to pass before placeholders are updated,
    • ... position [<optional coords>] - Changes position of hologram
    • ... lines ... - Changes content of hologram:
      • ... set <position> <line value...> - Sets line to line value
      • ... add <line value...> - Adds line to the end
      • ... insert <position> <line value...> - Inserts line at position (moves everything after one line)
      • ... remove <position> - Removes line at position

Holograms API

If you are developer interested in using API, check Hologram API repository