Sekwah41's Naruto Mod

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Filename narutomod-0.5.0b22.jar
Uploaded by Sekwah41
Uploaded Sep 12, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10   +3
Size 9.26 MB
Downloads 40,315
MD5 659df2ff8da0984030d469e4b38aa81c
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Java 8
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Not sure why but it seems to be messing up the changelog. I will provide a proper formatted one on

Note: May have overlap with other beta versions


New Features

  • Earth Wall
  • New recipes for most Naruto items in the game
  • Non destructive mode
  • Updated Katana and Bokken Models
  • Shadow clones can now sprint
  • Anbu can now sprint
  • Rogue Ninja can now sprint
  • Kakshi armour added


  • Improved Chakra colour code
  • Majorly buffed mobility
  • Remade Russian translation thanks to AlexPi314


  • Kunai render size now fixed
  • Fixed sounds in other dimensions
  • Shadow clones rendering boots when any armour is worn
  • Skin showing as black and purple texture (though glitches to Steve in multiplayer atm)

Config locked tests/Unfinished (can be enabled in config)

  • Chibaku Tensei
  • Joke Chidori (Sorry it was a troll for a team member during a livestream)