Seeker Compass

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About the Seeker Compass

The Seeker Compass is a somewhat simple yet very useful entity tracking compass that even comes with its own unique enchants. It can track any living entity, even players, and is great for relocating lost animals, pets, or even just to find your friend on an adventure. 

To track an entity simply right-click it and to untrack it simply right-click the tracked entity again.

The compass will use up durability every second while it's tracking an entity, and once it reaches 1 durability it'll break like an Elytra, and you'll know when it looks like this and becomes unusable:

The compass has 1200 durability meaning it will last for 20 minutes before all the durability is used up and it breaks.

You repair the compass with Magma Cream in an Anvil.

Credit to Paradiscal for all the art seen in this mod!



There are 3 different ways to obtain the Seeker Compass. 

The first way is by exploring nether fortresses, it has a chance to come as loot in the chests there.

The second way is by finding and killing Zombie Pigmen. Zombie Pigmen will have a small chance of spawning with the Seeker Compass in their offhand.

The last way is through fishing for it, but it's rarer than normal treasure and will come broken.


Compass Tooltip:

The Seeker Compass will display a detailed description/tooltip when it's tracking an entity.

Keep in mind that if the entity is not loaded in the current world or the entity is dead the Seeker Compass will display the Alive section as False, which means when False no enchants will work on the entity due to it no longer being alive or being unloaded from the current world of the holder.

The item on its own keeps the chunks of entities it tracks loaded so that you can access the entity over long distances, but keep in mind reloading the world will unload all chunks which could make the compass unable to track the entity and it will tell the wielder if the entity is unloaded if the Alive section is False, but with the Tracking Enchantment, you are able to see what last Block Position it was at which can be helpful.

The description will look something like this:

However, when using the Tracking Enchantment it will have a bit more information:



All Seeker Compass enchants can only be obtained as treasure, meaning you must explore structures or fish for them.

The enchants can be found in the Tools tab in creative.

Persistence - Entities tracked by the compass cannot despawn (Compatible with all enchants)

Tracking - In the description, it will tell what block, position, and biome the entity is in/on (Compatible with all enchants)

Summoning - Shift Right-click to teleport tracked entities that are pets or in the #summmonables entity tag to the user at a small cost of durability (Not compatible with Warping and Voodoo)

Warping - Shift Right-click to teleport to the tracked entity in exchange for the compass itself (Not compatible with Summoning and Voodoo)

Voodoo(I-III) - Shift Right-click to deal remote magic damage to the tracked entity at the cost of durability, the higher the level the higher the damage per voodoo strike(1 + level) (Not compatible with Mending, Warping, and Summoning)


The enchantments that cost durability bypass Unbreaking.



Eye See You - Find a Seeker Compass

Voodoo Magic - Use Voodoo to remotely damage an entity with the Seeker Compass

You Can't See Me! - Perform an unbinding ritual by sacrificing xp and your compass to a block of obsidian


Unbinding Ritual/Player Untracking Ritual:

You may be wondering how you can get yourself untracked from other players tracking you, well, there is a way. The way you do so is called an Unbinding Ritual and when done will also grant the You Can't See Me advancement

To do the ritual simply shift right-click over an obsidian block and it'll cost you a bit.

The compass must not be tracking an entity.

The Cost: For the price of 10 Experience Levels and the Seeker Compass itself, you can unbind yourself from every player's compass that's tracking you.



- Can I add the mod to my ModPack? 

   A: Of course!

The summoning enchantment isn't working on a modded pet entity, why?

  A: This is likely because it's not a typical tameable entity in the code, luckily the mod has a built-in tag called summonables which new entities can be added to so you can summon them to you.

Why can't I enchant the Seeker Compass in an enchanting table?

  A: This is because all Seeker Compass enchants are treasure loot only meaning you must fish or explore structures to get them

How do I use the Summon Enchant?

  A: Shift Right-Click on a block to teleport to the entity to that block, this will only work if there's room

How do I use the Voodoo Enchant? 

  A: Shift Right-Click to remotely damage the tracked entity

How do I use the Warping Enchant? 

  A: Shift Right-Click to teleport to the tracked entity at the cost of the compass itself


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