Seed Protect

22,258 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


This mod prevents farmland from beeing trampled, so if mobs, or players are messing with your crops just install this mod.

It's a server side mod, so if you are playing on a server,it's only necessary to install the mod on the server. If you are in singleplayer, install the mod as usual.

Use forge #2718 or above !



Check_crop: if true, only protects farmland that have something planted on top.(default: false)(ver 1.2.0)

Players: if true, allows players to trample farmland. (default: false)(ver 1.1.0)

Mobs: if true, allows mobs/animals to trample farmland. (default: false)(ver 1.1.0)

Debug: if true, prints farmland blocks that have been protected coordinates to console. (default: false)



You may include this mod in any modpack.



Thanks to UnRealDinnerbone for making this mod possible by implementing a trample event into forge.


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