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SecurityCraft "WTHIT"-Addon


SecurityCraft "WTHIT"-Addon

This is an addon mod for the Minecraft mod SecurityCraft, adding integration with WTHIT. While this is part of the main mod in newer Minecraft versions, technical limitations mean that this isn't the case in SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.18.2 and 1.16.5. This addon mod fills that gap and adds WTHIT integration to SecurityCraft in those versions.
This mod requires at least SecurityCraft v1.9.8. Supported versions are listed on a file's page.


When installed, this mod will add more information to the WTHIT display for SecurityCraft's blocks, such as:
  • Who the owner is
  • What modules are installed
  • What mode the block is in


Additionally, WTHIT will show disguised blocks and block mines as the block they are disguised as, instead of as themselves.
There are a few config settings, making it possible to turn off certain info.