Security Craft

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Filename [1.16.5] SecurityCraft v1.8.23.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Jul 23, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 2.49 MB
Downloads 469,748
MD5 55302d3257e1d3b7b975aa5c12e031a4
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- New: The Frame block will now send a message when being rightclicked with a Camera Monitor, notifying the player that viewing a Camera Monitor in a Frame is currently not possible
- New: The Trophy System now supports the Allowlist Module. Projectiles by listed players (as well as their Sentries' and I.M.S.' projectiles) will be ignored
- New: Sentry bullets will now apply the Sentry's potion effects to their target
- New: The value of per-block customization options is now shown in the tooltip, "true" and "false" have also been changed to "Yes" and "No" for clarity
- New: Sentries can now use more projectiles to shoot. Place a chest below the Sentry and put arrows, tipped arrows, snowballs, or eggs into the chest to let the sentry use them
- New: SecurityCraft's Patrons (people who pledge over on our Patreon page) are now being displayed in the SecurityCraft Manual. Resourcepacks should be adjusted for the new page layout
- New: Inserting a Redstone Module into a Password-protected Chest now makes the chest output a redstone signal while being open, with a strength depending on how many players are simultaneously looking into the chest
- Fix: Blocks with a tint (Grass, leaves, reinforced blocks, ...) projected by the Projector are not tinted correctly
- Fix: Blocks projected by the projector have incorrect lighting
- Fix: The Protecto does not attack players
- Fix: The Frame's model does not match up with the vanilla iron block (this fix may break resource packs slightly)
- Fix: Tooltips in the Block Pocket Manager's GUI still show up even if the block pocket is activated or not owned by the player looking at it
- Fix: Reinforced Lanterns and Reinforced Chains don't have a reinforced block tint
- Fix: Crash when trying to change the owner of a door
- Fix: Placing a Password-protected Chest or setting/changing its passcode can lead to the wrong chest's passcode being changed
- Fix: Sentry animation does not work properly when changing modes
- Fix: Lasers cannot be toggled properly
- Misc.: Some SecurityCraft model files have been renamed to better fit Minecraft's model name structure. This will break resourcepacks
- Misc.: The SecurityCraft Manual's textures have been modified, and buttons as well as items were moved around. Not bringing resourcepacks up to date with these changes may lead to buttons and items not fitting the textures properly

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