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Filename [1.12.2] SecurityCraft v1.8.22.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Jun 14, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 1.81 MB
Downloads 16,751
MD5 0a6a22bb9418a0a1b0dd16a71bf8df5e
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- New: SecurityCraft's blocks and items can now properly be used by the offhand
- New: The Codebreaker will now send a message when it failed to break a code
- New: The Admin Tool will now send a message when used while it has been disabled in the config
- New: Players that have been added to an Allow- or Denylist Module will now be visible in a list in the GUI
- New: Changing the owner of a block will now drop contained modules and storage module inventory
- New: Configuration option "mineExplosionsBreakBlocks" to control whether explosions of mines break blocks
- New: The Username Logger now supports the Allowlist Module, making it possible to prevent players on the list from being logged
- New: The Trophy System is now also capable of targeting Ender Pearls, Snowballs, Eggs, Llama Spit and Firework Rockets
- New: Inserting a Smart Module into a Trophy System now allows its owner to manually configure which projectile types the Trophy System is allowed to target
- New: Keycards can now be linked to Keycard Readers via a signature that can be shared with multiple other readers. See the SecurityCraft Manual for more info
- New: The Allowlist Module can now be used in the Cage Trap
- New: Reinforced Cauldron
- New: Speed Module. Can be used in an I.M.S., Protecto, Sentry, or Trophy System
- New: The Portable Radar can now be placed on all sides of a block and will rotate accordingly
- New: The Admin Tool now shows information about briefcases by holding the Briefcase in the off hand and the Admin Tool in the main hand and rightclicking
- Change: The information on how to look around inside a camera is now displayed in the camera's overlay instead of being sent to the chat
- Change: Messages sent due to changing a Sentry's mode will now show up above the hotbar to avoid spamming the chat
- Change: The Whitelist Module has been renamed to "Allowlist Module" to be more clear about its function
- Change: The Blacklist Module has been renamed to "Denylist Module" to be more clear about its function
- Change: Auto-assembling the Block Pocket no longer instantly builds the structure
- Change: The Redstone and Speed Modules now both use the resource pack's redstone/sugar texture
- API: Added hook for mods to define a block that can open Reinforced Doors/Reinforced Trapdoors/Reinforced Fence Gates. For more info, see IDoorActivator
- Fix: An item stack cannot be put into the Universal Block Reinforcer's slots if the stack's count is larger than the Reinforcer's durability
- Fix: I.M.S. entity gets stuck in mid-air when leaving and rejoining the world
- Fix: Placing blocks using tools of other mods (like Better Builder's Wands) does not set the owner correctly
- Fix: Portable Radar does not respect the "respect_invisibility" config option
- Fix: I.M.S. attacks players in spectator mode
- Fix: The wooden Reinforced Button's sound is incorrect
- Fix: The Briefcase's NBT contains empty Briefcase inventory slots
- Fix: Some of SecurityCraft's tools don't lose durability when used on a block while held in the offhand
- Fix: Reinforced Buttons and the Reinforced Lever can get washed away by water and destroyed by pistons
- Fix: Mines can be placed on some blocks that don't have a solid top side
- Fix: Claymore explosions ignore the "shouldSpawnFire" configuration option
- Fix: Placing a Scanner-/Keypad Door in a block space that is powered will place the door in an open state
- Fix: Universal Block Remover does not take damage when breaking a deactivated Cage Trap
- Fix: The message that the Codebreaker has been disabled in the configuration file doesn't get sent
- Fix: Placing a Sentry in replaceable blocks, such as grass, does not work
- Fix: Some mines ignore the "smallerMinesExplosion" configuration option
- Fix: Copying/Pasting module lists does not work properly
- Fix: Scrolling using the mouse wheel in the Username Logger's GUI does not work
- Fix: Blocks that are disguised using blocks with support for CTM don't render
- Fix: Mobs can spawn inside of a block pocket
- Fix: Projector placing/breaking/etc. sounds are incorrect
- Fix: Ownership does not get set properly when converting blocks (namely Chest -> Password-protected Chest and Frame -> Keypad)
- Fix: Potential crash when placing down blocks next to a password-protected chest
- Fix: Laser-/Inventory Scanner Fields don't have the proper owner assigned
- Fix: Newly placed Laser Blocks/Inventory Scanners don't synchronize with the Laser Block/Inventory Scanner they connected to
- Fix: Motion Activated Light crash
- Fix: Rejoining a server/world while being mounted to a camera teleports the player to that camera
- Fix: Trophy System has incorrect place/step/break sounds
- Fix: Rightclicking a block while attempting to change a Briefcase's owner does not change the owner
- Fix: Keypad Door recipe is incorrect
- Fix: SecurityCraft Manual pages don't get sorted
- Removed: Ability to take screenshots via middle mouse click while being mounted to a camera, as it is unneeded due to Minecraft's own screenshot feature

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