Security Craft

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Filename [1.15.2] SecurityCraft v1.8.19.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Jun 29, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +2
Size 2.09 MB
Downloads 50,626
MD5 4dfd0879f48d3d101a51372fc806523e
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


DISCLAIMER: The backend of the module system has been rewritten. Despite thoroughly testing it, there might still be issues we missed. Always backup your world before updating! If you find issues, please report them to us.


- New: The Reinforced Hopper is now the only block that can pull out of Password-protected Chests and Furnaces. The owner of both blocks needs to be the same, or the hopper needs to be owned by a whitelisted player
- New: White-/Blacklist Modules now work for the Password-protected Chest and Furnace (including customization options to turn off the messages)
- New: Stonecutting recipes for numerous reinforced blocks (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- New: Players in creative can now remove any sentry and not just their own
- New: The Block Pocket can now be built automatically from within the Block Pocket Manager's GUI (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- New: Projector (Projects a fake wall of a block of your choice into the world)
- Change: Disguising a sentry will now respect previously placed blocks at the sentry's position (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- Change: Improved the Block Pocker Manager's GUI (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- API: New IModuleInventory interface that adds the ability to have modules in a TileEntity
- API: New ICustomizable interface that adds the ability to have customization options in a TileEntity
- Fix: Trophy System does not attack shulker/sentry bullets and all kinds of arrows
- Fix: Removing a Redstone Module from an active Portable Radar does not update the redstone output
- Fix: Whitelist Module does not work in the Keycard Reader
- Fix: Placing a block on an active Keypad plays no sound
- Fix: Potential crash when clicking the Clear List button in the Username Logger's GUI
- Fix: Trophy System beam is not always visible
- Fix: The customization GUI for Block Pocket blocks can be opened despite there being no functions
- Fix: Modules drop twice when breaking a block containing modules in creative mode
- Fix: Modules can duplicate when loading chunks
- Fix: Hoppers etc. can extract from the fake slots of an Inventory Scanner
- Fix: Username Logger crash
- Fix: Block Pocket Managers and Block Pocket Walls do not drop (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- Fix: Security Camera still powers blocks when removing the Redstone Module
- Fix: Modules don't get synched correctly on servers

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