Security Craft

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Filename [1.12.2] SecurityCraft v1.8.17.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Feb 29, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 1.50 MB
Downloads 252,252
MD5 91e68f18f27aaf8d8ad8f2938af4835c
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- New: The Universal Block Reinforcer can now "unreinforce" blocks. Place items in the top slot to reinforce them, use the bottom slot instead for "unreinforcing" them
- New: The Retinal Scanner now renders its owner's face (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- New: The Username Logger now displays the UUID of logged players and the time they were logged at to its owner. Click an entry to copy the UUID
- New: Fire on Reinforced Netherrack now doesn't get removed
- New: The Mine-/Sentry Remote Access Tool GUI now shows explanatory tooltips when hovering over buttons
- New: The Mine-/Sentry Remote Access Tool now show whether a mine/sentry the player is looking at is bound to them on the hotbar (just like the Camera Monitor)
- New: Spanish translation (Thanks Ryo567!)
- New: Configuration option to account for invisibility (Sentries, Inventory Scanners, Lasers, etc. won't detect entities if they're invisible, config option is off by default)
- Change: The Username Logger now displays logged users in a scrollable list
- Change: The floor of Block Pockets is now solid (reactivate Block Pockets to fix this for already existing ones)
- Change: Textboxes when setting up/inserting/changing passwords are now automatically focused
- Change: Laser Blocks now create connections more easily
- Change: The SC Manual now displays pages alphabetically
- Change: You can now use boats in fake water
- Fix: Lasers don't get removed correctly (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- Fix: Motion Activated Light activates when a player is mounted to a camera in its range
- Fix: Being in fake lava creates a hurting sound
- Fix: Entities keep burning when exiting fake lava
- Fix: Some mines drop when exploding
- Fix: Camera overlay is incorrect when only night vision is activated
- Fix: Track Mines cannot be defused/armed with Wire Cutters/Flint and Steel
- Fix: Electrified Iron Fence Gates cannot be opened by reinforced pressure plates
- Fix: Feedback message is missing when changing the owner of a Sentry
- Fix: It's possible to reinforce more items than the universal block reinforcer has durability for
- Fix: Codebreaker loses damage even when rightclicking blocks that are not password-protected
- Fix: Reinforced (Stained) Glass sides are visible through the same type of Reinforced (Stained) Glass
- Fix: Reinforced (Stained) Glass throws a shadow
- Fix: Dropped items get destroyed in fake water
- Fix: Camera does not render in third person view when being mounted to one
- Fix: It's possible to remove or otherwise interact with a camera when being mounted to it
- Fix: Username Logger can log the same player twice at the same time
- Fix: Block mines don't have the same hardness as their vanilla counterpart
- Fix: HWYLA doesn't show information of disguised blocks correctly
- Fix: Password-protected Chests cannot be opened when a half-slab or similar is placed above them
- Fix: Mine-/Sentry Remote Access Tools lose their mines/sentries when rightclicking the tool out of range
- Fix: The One Probe doesn't show fake liquids correctly
- Fix: Some (universal) tools can identify disguised blocks and block mines
- Fix: Fake water doesn't change its tint depending on the biome
- Fix: Cyclic's Sack of Holding can pick up blocks that are owned by different players
- Fix: Keycard Reader does not send an error message when using an incorrect keycard with "equal to or higher than" mode
- Potential Fix: ConcurrentModificationException when saving a linkable tile entity

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