Security Craft

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Filename [1.14.4] SecurityCraft v1.8.15.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Jan 6, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 1.73 MB
Downloads 33,261
MD5 e0e96b9f0b4fda3de3d0f3e1897cc431
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


- New: Reinforced Prismarine, Reinforced Prismarine Bricks, Reinforced Dark Prismarine and Reinforced Sea Lanterns can now be used for building a conduit
- New: Reinforced Bookshelf (Can also be used for an enchanting table)
- New: If a Briefcase has been renamed, it will now show that name in the inventory GUI
- New: Reinforced Obsidian can now be used to create a nether portal
- New: Sentry Remote Access Tool to remotely control sentries, analogously to the Mine Remote Access Tool (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- New: The following blocks can now be disguised with the Disguise Module, similar to the Keypad: Inventory Scanner, Keycard Reader, Laser Block, Retinal Scanner, Username Logger
- New: Sentries can now be named. Names show up in the Sentry Remote Access Tool
- New: The Universal Owner Changer now works for sentries
- New: I.M.S. can now target only hostile mobs
- New: Page indicators for SecurityCraft Manual
- New: Reinforced Redstone Block
- Change: Rightclicking a double chest with a Key Panel will now convert the double chest instead of just a single chest
- Change: Lasers now look more like lasers
- Change: Inventory Scanner Fields now look more like Inventory Scanner Fields (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- Change: More recipes now use reinforced blocks instead of their vanilla equivalent
- Change: The Sentry no longer needs 4 blocks around it to be placeable
- Change: The Cage Trap now has a ceiling to properly prevent players from escaping (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- Fix: Laser and Inventory Scanner Field's name is not localized
- Fix: Inventory Scanner does not check for prohibited items in armor and offhand slots
- Fix: Crash when the Trophy System tries to destroy a sentry's bullet
- Fix: Occasional crash when right-clicking the Camera Monitor
- Fix: Keypad blacklist does not work
- Fix: Disguised Keypad does not give off power when activated (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
- Fix: Config option to disable fire from mine explosions does not work
- Fix: Config option to disable mines from exploding when being broken in creative does not work
- Fix: Key Binding names are shown incorrectly in the controls menu
- Fix: Trophy System crash
- Fix: Public Gui Announcement compatibility does not work
- Fix: Sentry head does not show when rejoining world/dimension if it was previously showing (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- Fix: Cage Trap uses stone instead of metal sounds
- Fix: I.M.S. does not emit a sound when launching one of its mines
- Fix: I.M.S. targets all mobs instead of just hostile mobs
- Fix: SecurityCraft Manual's subpage navigation buttons appear even when there are no subpages
- Fix: Username Logger logs its owner
- Fix: Reinforced Stairs can be destroyed using TNT
- Fix: Gap between Reinforced Iron Bars when activating Cage Trap (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- Fix: Rotation slider in Security Camera's customization GUI displays its value twice
- Fix: Laser Blocks can connect to other Laser Blocks that don't have the same owner
- Fix: Recipes using tags don't correctly show in the manual
- Fix: Sentry kick/crash
- Fix: Module duplication
- Fix: Trophy System does not drop
- Fix: I.M.S. bomb does not show up
- Fix: Message about cage trap having trapped someone gets sent to the one being trapped and not the cage trap owner (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- Misc.: The minimum required Forge version is now 28.1.91
- Removed: Unused config options

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