Sculker [Origin] [FABRIC]



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Become a Sculker and explore Minecraft in a completely different way!



You can download it by clicking here.


The Sculker now have a custom player model!


You can get the model here.

Instructions to install the model are on the FAQ section.


In the depths of the Overworld there are some very particular creatures, The Sculkers.
These creatures explore the world in search of new adventures, they are very intelligent and dangerous if provoked.


Thanks to Krzair for the review!

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When are you going to add FORGE SUPPORT?

The Sculker is incompatible with the Origins Forge Port up to date, when all the bugs are fixed, I'll update it to Forge as well For now is only available to Fabric.


Will you update it?

Yes, but for now, just as a mod, I don't have plans on updating the datapack version.

Datapack version can be found on the DATAPACKS channel in Origins Official Discord.


Can use it on my modpack?

Yeah, sure! Just give me the credits and tell me so I can see it in action!


How do I get the PlayerModel / Install it?

You can get it from here or in the Official Discord of Customizable Player Model

To install it, simply download the model, head to your .minecraft folder and create a folder called "player_models" and place the model there.

You are ready to go!

In game open the Gesture Menu of CPM Mod and hit models, there you'll find the Sculker Player Model.

Enjoy :D


The Sculker is OP/NERFED!

I know, I'm fixing that with time.


Why the Warden is neutral?

 It is assumed that the sculker, although it is a variant of the warden, both are neutral to each other and dispute the territory of the Deep Darks. (Having the Warden as a passive mob or similar would be way too OP)