Sculk Horde

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Sculk Horde

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The Sculk Horde unleashes an ultimate end-game challenge that will push you to your limits. Once triggered, the ancient Sculk Horde awakens from its slumber, hungering for the assimilation of all life forms in your world. This highly intelligent and adaptive horde will stop at nothing to grow stronger and more powerful, making it your sworn duty to eradicate them before they consume everything in their path. Are you ready to take on this perilous mission and emerge victorious?


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The Sculk Ecosystem

The Sculk Ecosystem is a relentless force of nature, an insatiable devourer of life itself. Yet, even in the face of such destruction, there is hope. The Sculk corruption can be fought and defeated, and the land reclaimed. In this world, tainted by the Sculk infection, the Sculk Horde thrives, their twisted presence felt in every shadow and corner, fed by the abundant life in our realm. Here, the Horde has all the tools it needs to not just survive, but to flourish and dominate. The Sculk Ecosystem is a testament to the sheer adaptability and ferocity of the Horde, a perfect symbiosis of predator and prey.

The Sculk Ecosystem

Sculk Infested Mobs

In the early stages of the Sculk Horde, the Gravemind summons Sculk-infused mobs, skillfully wielding them in defense and attack. But in the advanced phases of the Horde's evolution, the Gravemind takes matters into its own hands, crafting hybrid monstrosities of unparalleled power and cunning.

Sculk Infected Mobs

The Evolution System

Behold the Sculk Horde, a formidable force that grows in power as it absorbs entities into its ranks. As it reaches certain thresholds of Sculk Mass, the Horde evolves, becoming more adaptive, stronger, and smarter. Each evolution brings forth a new breed of creature that the Horde can unleash upon its foes, making it a force to be reckoned with.

The Gravemind System

The Sculk Horde is but a mere extension of the Gravemind, an omnipotent entity that only emerges in the second stage of the Horde's evolution. With a strategic mind unmatched by any other, the Gravemind orchestrates the Horde's every move, tirelessly plotting to expand its reach and thwart all who would dare to challenge it. Armed with a memory system that stores every encounter with other beings, the Gravemind can effortlessly assess the level of danger posed by any potential threat and adapt the Horde's tactics accordingly. Its ability to learn and evolve makes the Horde a formidable and unpredictable force, capable of unleashing devastating attacks on its enemies at a moment's notice.

The Sculk Brain Node


Note: These screenshots contain mobs from Guard Villagers and villages from Better Villages.


  • Mikeatron for being the lead programmer.
  • Zack for brainstorming a lot of good ideas.
  • MoonlitLamps for amazing textures.
  • Potato345 for models and animations.
  • Yvain for the Sculk Vindicator Model/Texture and the Sculk Ravager texture.
  • Shenyx110 for the simplified Chinese translation.
  • Karat Feng for multiple French translations.