Scape and Run: Parasites

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Uploaded Apr 1, 2022
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
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Java 8
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Changelog 1.9.2


Global Adaptation from Colonies
-A parasite must be within the range of effect in order to send a signal when killed
-The signal is the most common damage type it suffered
-If its killed with fire, it will never send a signal
-Destroying Colony cores will delete the recorded damage types
-New parasites spawned in the world will have already learned the damage type that Colonies receive the most


Potion effect: Heightened Senses
Increases mob follow range

Potion effect: Prey

Block: Canister Active
Will now consume collected blocks after some time and will spawn particle effect
After this process is complete, it will become a non active canister cysth

Parasite: Crux
Parasite: Heed
Parasite: Assimilated EnderDragon
Parasite: Primitive Devourer (No Adapted variant yet)
Entity: Parasitic Scent
Weapons: Living/Sentient Sword, Living/Sentient Cleaver
Block remain variant

-"srpevolution toogle_evolutiongaining"
-"srpevolution toogle_evolutionloss"
-"srpcolonies viewallglobaladaptation"
-"srpcolonies resetglobaladaptation"


-Dried Tendons
-Hardened Bone Handle
-Infectious Blade Fragment
-Living Core
-Vile Shell
-Strange Bone

Sound effect for:
-Cutting off tendrils
-Landing hit for bigger jumping parasites
-Growl, Hurt, Death sound for Marauder


"Mobs with new griefing task" tweaked max hardness values:
Adapted versions fron 2 to 3 minus Bolster
Pure versions from 3 to 5 minus Grunt
Ancient versions from 5 to 9


"Reinforcement System Hardness" from 1.5 to 4.5
"Biome Hardness" from 1.7 to 5
"Mob Attacking blacklist" added "srmonstress"

"Greataxe Living Damage" renamed to "Axe Living Damage"
"Greataxe Sentient Damage" renamed to "Axe Sentient Damage"


Removed the following options:
-"Fear Block Fail Chance"
-"Fear Item Fail Chance"
-"Fear Inventory Fail Chance"
-"Fear Item BlackList"
-"Fear Item BlackList Inverted"
-"Stage III Beckon Ancient Chance"
-"Scythe Durability"
-"Greatbow Durability"
-"Greatbow Sentient Durability"


===New option:
Added "parasite_collective_consciousness" category

"Version Pure Despawn"
"Version X Minimum Damage"
"Version X Regen"
"Fire Adaptation Window"
"Assimilated Enderman Teleport Parasites"
"Assimilated Enderman Teleport Frequency"
"Mob Attacking Friendly"
"Mod Easter Eggs"
"Beckon Stage IV Cap Upgrade"
"Collective Consciousness"
"Follow Range Cap"
"CC Player Only"
"Phase X Delay"
"Evolution Parasite Lock List"
"Colonies Total Points Cap"
"Colonies Spread Effect Point"
"Colonies Spread Effect Value"
"Colonies Base Effect Radius Value"
"Reinforcement System Maximum Beckon Chunk"
"Mobs Additional Weakness"
"Default Phase Start"
"Living Weapons Durability"
"Mod Weapons Second Texture"


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at java.util.Random.nextInt(Unknown Source)


Description: Ticking entity
java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to
at com.dhanantry.scapeandrunparasites.util.ParasiteEventEntity.convertEntity(

Error message:
Error executing task
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at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.get(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_301]
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at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.updateTimeLightAndEntities( [MinecraftServer.class:?]
at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.tick( [MinecraftServer.class:?]
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at<init>( ~[EntityAIVenkrolGrow.class:?]
at ~[EntityVenkrol.class:?]


Heavy Carrier texture map
Ancient Overlord being called terla in the config file
Workers spawning when not Colony is near
Host spawning air block particles
Summoners spawning biomass inside solid blocks
Jump damage, range not working for jumping parasites
Parasites inflicting Fear when they cant see you
Fixed player being able to use commands (need creative mode now)
Gore Blocks replacing doors, fences, redstone
Armor animation for Assimilated Adventurer not doing the right animation
Config options not changing Heavy Carrier attributes
If AI is disabled Host will not spawn Rupters
Congig option "Worker Enabled" not working

Added tooltips to the following items (credit: LoneGuy):
-Infected Flesh
-Smelly Piece
-Fragile Piece
-Putrid Unit
-Fetid Unit
-Moldered Segment
-Longarms Armor Fragment
-Summoner Core
-Reeker Fang
-Yelloweye Bone
-Manducater Orb
-Living Scythe
-Living Bow


Infested stone will generate bushes when placed by Beckons
Parasites will not break Node Blocks
Tweaked spawning particles from Packet
Rage potion will now reduce ability cooldown on parasites
Reduced time to place remains from gore entities
Improved building generation for Colonies (WIP)
Improved building placement for Colonies (WIP)
Using NULL item on a Parasite will print out current list of adaptation
Renamed lure components
New recipe for Living Weapons
Using the command "srpevolution get_phase" will now show you values for "srpevolutiongaining" and "srpevolutionloss"


Updated russian translation by @@Sansrriorar, some corrections by @Globglogabgalab🇺🇦
Dutch Translation made by @oreo69420
Romanian translation made by @Harbinger
Updated Italian Translation made by @LoneFrog
Pirate English translation by @Sansrriorar
Pt_br translation by @Mr Obvious and @Primitive Seph
Chinese translation by @CFPAOrg
LOLCAT translation by @LazyKitch and @DanieloXXelo
turkish translation by @creesader
Polished Polish translation made by @DanieloXXelo and @Akacz13, polished by @DanieloXXelo
Shakespearean translation made by @ancient parasite cultist


Removed the following items:
-Scythe Handle
-Scythe Blade
-Scythe Back
-Scythe Core
-Scythe Head
-Bow Grip
-Bow Lower limb
-Bow Uper Limb
-Bow String
-Bow Core


Changed the following Item textures:
-Adapted Longarms drop
-Adapted Manducater drop
-Adapted Reeker drop
-Adapted Summoner drop
-Adapted Yelloweye drop
-Lure component 1
-Lure component 2
-Lure component 3
-Lure component 4
-Lure component 5
-Lure component 6
-Sentient Greatscythe
-Sentient Greataxe


Changed the following Block Textures:
-Colony wall


New texture for Heavy Carrier
New texture for Flying Carrier
Beckon growtime will be reduced when spawning biomass regardless of phase

Added mouth animation for:
-Adapted Bolster
-Adapted Arachnida
-Primitive Arachnida


Parasites can now attack Ghasts
Changed mob turning red when taking damage if adaptation is in place:
If Yellow, all damage is being reduced
If purple, damage type is fully learned and mob might be immune to it

Manducaters will move slowly while they have invisibility
Added 4 seconds cooldown for Flying meele parasites
Tweaked Arachnida pulling other mobs
Ancient, Adapted, Pure, Primitive versions will heal over time if not in combat
Assimilated Enderman will not melt to fuse with other parasites
Tweaked Assimilated Enderman running animation

Tweaked Assimilated Enderman teleporting of allies logic
Before: if teleporting an ally is a success, teleport itself
After: if teleporting itself is a success, teleport an ally

Tweaked Host burrow logic
Host now is immune to "inWall" damage source
Increased Viral duration from Host bombs and Carriers
Added attack animation for Host
Ancient, Adapted, Pure, Primitive versions and Rupters are more resistance to fall Damage
Tweaked Summoner summoning logic
Primitive and higher version parasites will now try to get out of lava
Reduced cooldown for Marauder jump and inreased jump AOE
Increased jump AOE for Warden jump
Heavy Carrier now spawn a EntityToxicCloud instead of EntityAreaEffectCloud
Warden adaptation damage reduction capped at 95%
All mobs spawned from biomas will have Rage effect
Primitive and Adapted version will now do a small leap in combat
Charge attack damage will be the same as the caster
Parasites will now try to break blocks while doing their charge attack if possible
Reduced cooldown for Reeker charge attack
Now parasites will try to break blocks if taking IN_WALL damage type
Jumping parasites will now try to break blocks when in the air
If AI is disabled Host will not be buried
Tweaked parasite pathfinding logic for those with longer melee range (they will stop moving towards their target it they are in range of attack)

New attack for Marauder; AOE smash
It will attack with its tentacles around without moving and will apply Rage to nearby parasites

Tweaked parasite leap in water logic
Tweaked Rupter, walking head, Warden, Marauder leap logic
Tweaked block griefing task logic
Parasites with Block Griefing task will now place Block Canister Active Blocks:
Those blocks will store nearby items no reduce lag

The following parasites will climb walls:
-Grunt (in need of tweaks)
-Adapted Longarms
-Adapted Arachnida
-Primitive Arachnida

===Scent Logic (Experimental):
To explain how it works I first need you to know some of its tasks (T) and values (V)

-(V) Danger:
This will go up when a parasite dies within range and as this goes up, the table of mobs to spawn will change
If Evolution Phases is on, each time a scent is placed it will have a bonus per phase
Some parasites can increase more faster this value when they die

-(V) Reaction:
This will also go up when a parasite dies within range and this will trigger the placement of waves

-(T) A:
The scent will check the reaction value until it reaches a threshold,
If that threshold is met, it will go into Tactical mode (This will reset the reaction value)

-(T) B:
If a non-parasite mob is within range, the reaction value will increase

-(T) C:
The scent will check the reaction value until it reaches a threshold
If that threshold is met, it will go into Attacker mode (This will lower the reaction value)
If the current target is alive, the reaction value will increase (it will decrease it its dead)
If reaction value reaches 0, the scent will go into Observer mode

-(T) D:
The Scent will try to relocate nearby parasites if avaiable
If there are not enough parasites that can be relocated, it goes into Builder mode.
After this is done, this will go into Tactical mode

-(T) E:
The scent will try to spawn other scents within a range of its intended target
Spawned scents will be in Aggressive mode

-(T) F:
This will spawn mobs from a list and then this will be set to dead

With this in mind I can now talk more about its modes (M)

-(M) Listener:
Will only work task A

-(M) Observer
Will work task A, B

-(M) Tactical:
Will work task C

-(M) Attacker:
Will work task D

-(M) Builder:
Will work task E

-(M) Aggressive:
Will work task F



Very special thanks to:


Spooky (Primitive tier)

Bliketod (Rupter tier)

Hurricane Lord (Rupter tier)


And all of my fellow Ko-fi members!





For the incredible support
It really means a lot!!!