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Hello! My name is Sky and I have been re-creating the skyblock mod that was made for skyblock 1.12.2 made by Traumatophobia and updated by m0gliE which who I have permission of. A forge and fabric version are both out for Skyblock survival/economy! I am making this thread to ask if anyone has things or suggestions they would like to see in the mod. I am also asking what parts from the original mod people would want to see in the new one. I plan on updating the mod too for new updates and additions to the mod. I am also wondering what people would like to see as toggles, for example, if people want things to not be shown in their chat like the welcome message for new players that haven't joined before. Please feel free to leave a reply with any ideas or suggestions below and I will get back to you!
Requires this mod! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-api/download/4438705



Version 1.19.2 fabric

For forge version: Click here!

It is recommended that you download the mod modmenu as it will give useful information about the mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/modmenu

Join discord for updates! https://discord.gg/WAw6xC29E8

A list of commands: Can be found in the wiki https://github.com/skyguygamer/SkyBlock-Mod-Fabric/wiki