Savage & Ravage

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Filename Savage-and-Ravage-1.16.1-2.1.0.jar
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Uploaded Sep 23, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
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MD5 fa0930f94e7e54e807a3e44456a750a1
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Java 8
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* Griefers now spawn in raids

* Added Mischief Arrows, a new arrow made from Creeper Spores

* Vindicator remodel, toggleable in config



* Villagers now run away from Griefer-owned Creepies

* Griefers now have a loot table

* Growth and Youth now work on Piglins and Zoglins

* Moved retextures to Farcr's Texture Overrides

* Iron Golems and Zoglins now attack Creepers

* Griefer Armor now makes Piglins neutral

* Griefer and Blast Proof related items can no longer be deleted by explosions

* Griefers have a chance to wear Griefer Armor on spawn

* Improved Griefer kick animation

* Reworked how some of the config works

* Charged Creepers produce a smaller cloud size

* Endermen can pick up Spore Bombs




* Resized Skeleton Villagers, Griefers, and new Vindicators to be consistent

* Removed an extra block on PIllager Watchtowers

* Fixed Griefer Armor rendering on baby mobs

* Creeper Spore Sacks are now flammable

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