Sandy Ores

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Now all standard vanilla ores can be generated in gravel, dirt or sand. Now it finally makes sense to dig through that dirt or gravel pile while mining!

The 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 Versions are now compatible with the Tag System(A older Version of the Ore Dictionary), this means that all ores are compatible with other mods that use their stone counterparts.


New in update 2.3


Added language Support for: 

- English

- German

- Brazilian Portuguese --> thanks to kazuya81



and some new ores like glowstone ore quartzore in the overworld, prismarine ore(only 1.8.9,1.8.0,1.9.0),flamed ore,gunpowder ore,chorus ore(only 1.9.0 or higher).



Prismarine Ore drops: 2 prismarine shards + 1 prismarine chrystal

Gunpowder Ore drops: 1 gunpowder

Flamed Ore drops: 1 blaze powder

Chorus ore drops:1 popped chorus fruit

Glowstone ore drops:4 glowstone dust




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