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About SafeZone:

Looking for a tool to stop your players from massacring and committing suicide on your server? Tired of all those annoying hostile mobs? Your plugin doesn't protect from forge mods' damage? Then this mod certainly deserves your attention. This mod adds an easy way to protect players in a certain areas of your server. It doesn't require your players to install the mod as well.



  • Simple commands
  • Easy to understand system
  • Comprehensive help section
  • Client doesn't require the mod to be installed.
  • Works for single-player too


  • To learn more about the mod take a look at the 'Features' section
  • Planned features can also be found in the 'Features' section







All of the commands start with one base command: "/zone". Remember that the 'Tab' key can be used to complete most of the commands' arguments. The mod's commands are only available to level 4 operators and cannot be ran by command blocks. Zones are not shared across worlds (dimensions).



If you're hosting on a server remember that the client does not require the mod, however the client will not see translated command chat responses and will instead receive untranslated unlocalized codenames.


Help section

To get information about all the commands in the mod type "/zone help". To get information about a certain command type "/zone help" followed by the command's name.


Creating zones

A zone is defined by a name and two sets of two-dimensional coordinates over the X and Z axes. Keep in mind that zones can have identical coordinates, but not identical names. To create a zone type "/zone create" followed by it's name and coordinates. Don't forget that you can use relative coordinates (tilde "~") when creating zones.


Removing zones

Zones are identified only by name. To remove a zone type "/zone clear" followed by it's name. You can also remove all existing zones in the current dimension by typing "/zone clear".


Listing zones

You can see all existing zones and their information in the current dimension sorted in alphabetical order by typing "/zone list". Also, you can see information about a specific zone by name by typing type "/zone list" followed by the zone's name.

Planned features

I don't have many features in mind, but I'm always open to suggestions.

  • Prevent block destruction
  • Add configuration file
  • Improve the help section / lang file



              • Version 1.0
                - Initial release

              • Version 1.1
                - It is possible to display information about a specific zone by using the "/zone list" command
                - Fixed a bug with incorrect zone and position intersection calculation
                - Optimized, cleaned code
                - Improved / Added more details to the "/zone help" command

              • Version 1.1.1
                - Minor code changes
                - Improved .mcmeta file
                - Added logo

              • Version 1.2
                - Updated to 1.10.2 and 1.11.2
                - Changed the "/zone remove" command to the new "/zone clear" command. Typing the new command without arguments clears all existing zones in the current dimension
                - Optimized, cleaned code
                - Added even more information to the "/zone help" command



  • Me



The mod's code and textures are licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.


Using the mod in non commercial mod-packs is encouraged and doesn't require permission, but I would appreciate if you informed me about your mod-pack.


Re-hosting the code is not permitted.



 Donations will be considered.

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