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Welcome to "Bad to the Bone !"

This mod makes you bad to the bone !

Literally. You now have bad bones.

Link to Fabric Port here




This mod is all about Chronophobia. The fear of passing time and letting it slip between your fingers without being able to do anything about it.

The mod focuses more on the aspect of getting older , and the troubles that come with it.

Your body starts breaking down :

  • carrrying too much weight ? : break your back.
  • falling from higher then three blocks ? : too bad, your knees now hurt like hell !
  • enjoying the scenery in minecraft ? better keep your glasses in your pocket, your eyes may just fail you soon.
  • Trying to check time ? : picking up or crafting a clock will let you dizzy due to your chronophobia !
  • Digging tunnels or using tools in general ? : too bad, grand(m/p)a's got arthritis ...



Trouble effects :

Back Pain : slow down, and forced into a bend position. (long)

back pain effect

Knee Pain : slow down, and forced into a bend position. (short)

knee pain effect

Blind : vision is blurred. (very long) can be remedied with Glasses

Blind Effect

Arthritis : incapability of holding tools in your hands (short)

arthritis effect

Chronophobia : Feeling weak, slow down, and dizzyness

chronophbia effect

show effects have been applied trough the /effect command and do not correctly reflect effect time


> all effects can be configured trough the config files 





glasses recipe : glass block, stick, glass block

glasses prevent your vision from blurring. it has to be worn in the helmet slot.


Special thanks to my back and hip that started failing me at an age too young after slaving away, carrying loads to heavy, for a job I used to love.