Rusticated Fruit

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Rusticated Fruit adds some fruit trees for Rustic.

By default, Rustic offers an apple tree that players can grow from apple seeds gotten while crushing apples into apple juice, and apple juice can be drank (eaten) or brewed into cider. Rusticated Fruit extends this concept, adding other fruit trees and support for crushing their fruit into juice and brewing the juice into booze that—like Rustic's—provides unique potion effects.

To start, Rusticated Fruit supports Biomes'o'Plenty, providing trees, juice, and booze for BoP's peach, pear, and persimmon fruit. Their boozes provide bonus knockback, parrying, and armour toughness respectively.

In future, Rusticated Fruit might add other fruit trees. Feel free to request these where a) it's a tree fruit and b) the source mod doesn't provide the fruit tree itself (so e.g. no, I won't support Pam's). I'm currently considering how best to provide a cherry option for some among the many mods providing trees with cherry-blossom leaves, especially as this would likely require "coremodding" other mods' leaves to occasionally drop the added fruit.

Until or unless a version of Rustic exists supporting versions beyond 1.12, this mod won't be updated for such versions.

Rusticated Fruit is dedicated to a family member of mine who died of cancer in 2019, when I was first working on this project. If you'd donate to a mod, please consider donating to cancer research or nonprofit organizations that help cancer patients. I'm hoping to find an organization to recommend that helps connect cancer patients with research trials, as one of those helped extend my family member's life a few years past the average survival.