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Botania Materials is a small set of CraftTweaker/ContentTweaker resources that add Botania's materials to Tinker's Construct and Construct's Armory. To use it, you must install CraftTweaker, ContentTweaker, CraftTweaker Utils, ManaTweaks, and ModTweaker, plus the mods it integrates, Botania, Tinker's Construct, and Construct's Armory. For obvious reasons, it's relatively incompatible with mods that add the same materials, but the failure's reasonably graceful there.

This is in part an example for working with ManaTweaks, which I created for the purpose of scripts like this. It is mostly cut from larger files in my personal modpack. It could probably use some balance fine-tuning for material stats, but it should be reasonably playable.

To install it, install its requisite mods, and decompress the ZIP download. Then place the script files into the scripts folder of your Minecraft instance, and the lang file into the resources/contenttweaker/lang folder of your Minecraft instance; if you already have a lang file with the same name, instead use your text editor of choice to copy the contents into your existing file.

Here's a list of the materials and traits implemented:

  • Materials
    • Terrasteel: all tool parts have Mana and Terrestrial, except for bows, which only have Mana. All armour parts have Mana, and armour cores have the armour Terrestrial trait.
    • Elementium: all parts have the Mana trait and the Pixielated trait, except for bows, which only have Mana.
    • Manasteel: all parts have the Mana trait.
    • Livingwood: all tool parts have the base Tinker's Ecological trait (self-regeneration) and the Solar trait; Livingwood is not currently an armour material. Livingwood is available as an arrow shaft material.
    • Manastring and Red String are each available as bowstring material and provide the Mana trait.
  • Traits:
    • Mana: Both tools and armour with this trait will regenerate durability using mana, and prevent durability damage by consuming mana instead. Armour with this trait gives a 2.5% mana discount per piece worn (10% for a full set), but this doesn't stack with Terrestrial's discount.
    • Pixielated: Armour with this trait spawns retaliatory pixies some of the time when worn; wearing more armour with the trait makes pixie spawning more likely. Tools with the trait make pixies spawned by the armour stronger while held.
    • Solar: Tools with this trait generate mana, very slowly, if the tool's at full durability and being held, and the player's in direct sunlight.
    • Terrestrial: Tools with this trait sometimes cause mystical flowers to grow when a mob is killed. Armour with the trait slowly generates mana, just like base Botania's Terrasteel armour, and causes the player to heal even if below 9 filled shanks of hunger. It also provides a 5% mana discount per piece worn (20% for a full set), but that doesn't stack with the Mana trait's discount.

While I mean the freedoms I've implied by using the MIT License on this (you can make derivative works, use it in modpacks, etc.), I request that reusers credit these resources like crediting a mod.