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"Runes have been a way to solve many ills since the dawn of time. Most of them only wake up when their user absolutely needs them, but others can be triggered manually".

Runic adds 11 Runes, adding a new Rune crafting mechanic. They are used similar to a Totem of Undying, each one providing a special ability to make your life easier if you're well-prepared for the risks you're facing !

(btw I'm French, and the mod was made using Mcreator)


Getting Started

To get started, you need to craft an Infused Amethyst. It can be done using an Amethyst Shard and a Glowstone Powder (there is another recipe if you're in 1.16 without Caves&Cliffs Backport, use JEI). You can then create your first Blank Rune using 1 Infused Amethyst, 1 Paper and 1 Smooth Stone. You will then need a Rune Inscriber and a Runic Altar to infuse them. The Rune Inscriber is crafted like an Iron Shovel, but with an Iron Nugget instead of the bottom Stick. You can also craft a Runes Encyclopedia with a Book and a Blank Rune if you want some explanations on how to use the mod.



Runic Altar & Rune Crafting

The Runic Altar is the mod's crafting table. You need to craft it using 4 Blank Runes and 4 Infused Amethysts around a Smooth Stone in a Crafting Table. To use it, you need to put Infused Amethysts in the first input slot, Blank Runes in the second and additional components in the third one. This additional component will define the Rune ability. Then, you need to sneak + right-click the Runic Altar with a Rune Inscriber to merge the components into a working Rune.


Rune can be stacked 8 by 8, used in main hand or offhand. Potion effects last for a max of 30s depending on the Rune

Void Rune (Levitation + Slow Fall if falling in the end's void) : Popped Chorus Fruit

Water Rune (Conduit Powder + Full breath if drowning) : Prismarine Shard

Fire Rune (Fire Resistance + Extinguish if in fire) : Magma Cream

Purification Rune (Remove Curses with a right click if your armor/offhand item is cursed) : Ghast Tear

Mining Rune (Haste + Night Vision  while below Y:30) : Raw Gold (Gold Ingot for 1.16.5)

Recall Rune (Teleport back to Overworld Spawn if in another dimension) : Ender Eye

Antivenom Rune (Remove Poison) : Fermented Spider Eye

Blooming Rune (Remove Wither + give Regeneration if withering) : Nether Wart

Clarity Rune (Remove Blindness + give Night Vision if blinded) : Quartz

Saturation Rune (Restore food level + Remove Hunger if too hungry or with a right click) : it's a rare mob loot, not a craftable Rune

Eternity Rune (Duplicates items in your offhand except shulker boxes) : Nether Star




The mod also add a few Smooth Stone variants, which you can get using a Stonecutter. Also, in versions before V1.1, the Eternity Rune does nothing except an extra advancement, and can't be obtained without creative mode

Gamerules :
Allows to deny Saturation Runes drop from mobs
Default Config + Explanations: 
0.5 (probability for a mob to drop a Saturation Rune)
100 (probability for a Purification Rune to purify. By default, it will always purify)
true (allows you to make Eternity Rune uncraftable, because they allow players to duplicate items, especially if your modpack is adding containers like bags or custom shulkers which could allow to infinitely duplicate Eternity Runes)
true (allows you to make recall rune uncraftable, because they allow teleportation to the Overworld Spawn, if you don't want your players to change dimension this way)

Videos :


You can use this mod in your modpacks, and thanks to all the reviewers who will talk about the mod !