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Runes of Wizardry - Classic Dusts Pack

This is an addon for Runes of Wizardry that adds the classic dusts and runes from The Runic Dust Mod


Unfortunately, I do not currently have the time or energy to keep updating this mod, but forks are welcome. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Short description of the Runes and Inscriptions added by this pack:


- Torch Rune: Spawn a torch
- Rune of the Rabbit Hole: Instant Hideout. Not the entrance to Wonderland
- Rune of Healing: Circle of Healing
- Rune of Lumber: Chops down trees.
- Rune of Fire: Creates a Flame that smelts items.
- Rune of Depths: Dig straight down
- Rune of Heights: Rises a pillar to the sky. If you break the highest block within a day, it will return to the ground.
- Rune of the Farm: Spawns a farm with random crops
- Rune of the Leaping Frog: A path of plants across a lake.
- Rune of Dawn: Shorten the night
- Rune of Dusk: Shorten the day
- Fire Trap Rune: Watch them burn
- Lightning Trap Rune: Wrath of Thor
- Poison Trap Rune: Poison doesn't kill?
- Rune of Detonation: Landmine
- Rune of Entrapment: Locks up nearby mobs and players
- Rune of Locked Time: Locks the day/night cycle and prevents blocks from falling
- Rune of the Void: Store your items in The Void
- Rune of the Barrier: Lifts a wall from the ground
- Rune of Wisdom: The Wise save their experiences
- Rune of Speed: Run like the wind
- Rune of Compression: Coal to Diamonds
- Rune of the Hellstorm: Summons a Rain of Fire and Death
- Rune of Rebirth: Capture a mob in an Egg
- Rune of Resurrection: Makes a mob rise from its drops
- Rune of Power Distribution: Distributes fuel to nearby runes
- Rune of Spawner Collection: Collect a spawner
- Rune of Spawner Reassignment: Use your spawn egg on a spawner instead.
- Rune of Teleportation: Teleports players to another Rune of Teleportation on its network.
- Rune of Transport: Teleports players to a Rune of Teleportation on its network
- Rune of the Fire Sprite: Summons a fire sprite to burn your enemies.
- Rune of the Earth Sprite: Summons an earth sprite that will protect you if you stop and crouch
- Rune of Bouncing: Magical trampoline!
- Rune of Music: Complete your Record collection.
- Rune of the Spirit Tools: Summons Spirit versions of your tools
- Enchanting Rune of the Fire Bow: For the pyromaniac archer
- Enchanting Rune of Silk Touch: When you want to break things, but just a little...
- Enchanting Rune of Fortune: Get ALL the diamonds
- Rune of Protection: Pushes back hostile mobs
- Rune of Level Earth: Flattens Terrain
- Rune of the Mountain: Lifts a mountain
- Rune of Sarlacc: Kills mobs for double XP, but destroys their drops



- Leap: Launch Forward
- Leap II: Launch Forward, Jump Higher
- Return: Go Home
- Void: Stores picked up items in the void
- Bounce: Bounce back up when you fall (sneak to cancel)
- Blink: Blink like an Enderman. Safety and accuracy not guaranteed.
- Blink II: Enables precision teleporting
- Foresight: Anticipate the spawning of mobs