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Runes of Wizardry

Runes of Wizardry is all about placing patterns of Arcane Dust to create Runes with various effects. 

It intends to be a full reimplementation of the old Runic Dusts mod.


Unfortunately, I do not currently have the time or energy to keep updating this mod, but forks are welcome. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Note: as of version 1.12.2-0.9.0, the Runic Staff has been removed. Any dust can be used in its place in crafting recipes, and Runes are activated by sneak+right-click with an empty hand.


There are two options to get ingame documentation:

  • with Guide-API installed, the Runic Dictionary works as any guidebook (v1.12.2-0.8.7 and up).
  • The Runic Dictionary (Enhanced Edition) has the description and cost of runes in the tooltip (hold shift). It can also be used to automatically place runes.
  • A few of the items also have JEI descriptions if their use/obtainability is not obvious.


Runes and dusts are provided in separate downloads, without an addon, this is decorative only. For a reimplementation of the Runic Dusts Mod runes, see the Classic Dusts Pack


On its own, this mod adds the following:

  • Dusts: They can be placed on the ground in a 4x4 pattern on each block. remove with left click or right click with an empty hand
  • 5 types of arcane dust: plant, water, fire, glowstone, and ender
  • Chalk dust: a cheaper, decorative dust that can usually not be used in runes
  • Arcane Dye: A block that allows to change the color of chalk dust.
    • Colors are specified in hexadecimal (0-F) RRGGBB (red green blue) format
    • There are presets for vanilla colors
    • automatable: will set the color of its contents on a falling redstone pulse
  • Dust Pouches: hold a near-infinite amount of a single type of dust
  • Dust Broom: clear a full block of dust in one click
  • The base framework for addons to create Runes and Inscriptions
  • Runes are special patterns that can be activated for an effect
  • Runes are documented and can be placed with the Runic Dictionary
  • (left/right-click to select a rune, shift-right-click to place it, tooltip has documentation)
  • Runes are activated by dropping the proper items as sacrifice and right-clicking with the Runic Staff an empty hand while sneaking
  • Inscriptions are worn in either the chestplate or Baubles amulet slot and can have different effects
  • Inscriptions are (temporarily) created with special runes (Inscribing Rune of XX) and "charged" by the Inscription Enchanting Rune (with the proper sacrifice)
  • the "rw_export [filename]" command will save the pattern you are looking at to a JSON file in the runesofwizardry_patterns folder
  • the "rw_import [filename | runeID]" command will load a pattern from a file in the runesofwizardry_patterns folder (or from a registered rune) and place it where you are looking

For documentation: use JEI for recipes as well as some extra information; The tooltips of inscriptions and of the Runic Dictionary should provide more information.



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zombiepig333/lightningpig333 - Project founder
billythegoat101 - Original author of The Runic Dust Mod