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RuneCraftory (Fabric)



For the forge version see here


Bringing the world of Rune Factory into minecraft! Rune Factory (RF) is a spinoff from the series Harvest Moon (HM).

Experience a new farming experience, explore the world, fight unique monsters and level up a plethora of various skills.


Installing pathouli will give you access to an ingame book.


Fight against monsters which appear exclusively through gates that spawn all over the world and obtain their drops to help you craft better gear. Unless a gate is destroyed it will keep spawning monsters. You might also be able to tame them with the right conditions.



You might also come across structures where some stronger monsters can appear



4 additional crafting tables will aid you in your adventure:

The Forge

The Accessory Bench

The Pharmacy

The Cooking table


Craft 9 types of weapons each with different properties:

Shortswords: They have a shorter range and attack power but are quite fast. Can also hit multiple monsters in a small radius.

Longsword: Bigger range and more attack power but kinda slow. Cleave radius is decent.

Spear: Quick and with big range, but can only attack one mob at a time.

Axe: Slow but strong and with normal range. Can also attack multiple mobs in a big radius. Has a higher chance to do criticals.

Hammer: Slow but strong and with normal range. Can also attack multiple mobs in a big radius. Has a higher chance to stun enemies.

Dual blades: Very quick but lacks attack power.

Fists: Fast and strong but with short range. Can pickup mobs(WIP).

Staffs: Its maagicc. Can cast spells to damage enemies or healing you.

Farmtools: Normal range, low attack power. It's a farmtool...


All melee weapons have a charge ability you can use if your skill level is at least level 5 for that type of weapon.


Additionally these following features are also provided:

 RP: Every action the player makes takes a certain amount of rune points (a.k.a. stamina). If you run out, you'll start to use your HP for tasks so pay attention. The player can refresh their rune points by sleeping and eating. 

Hunger is disabled so you can always eat food to use their benefits

You can always sleep in a bed

The weather only changes at certain times of the day and lasts till the next change

Seasons/Calendar: Some crops grow better in spring etc.

Datapack can define: Food benefits, item stats and things for crops


Missing features/Planned:

- Events with npc, Festivals

- Dungeons


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