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- Adjusted the maximum range of the Spreading Forest ritual as well as the speed at which it attempts to grow saplings; slightly increased the rate at which it plants saplings.

- Adjusted the Spreading Forest ritual to work properly with items/leaf drops that are "treeSapling" ore dictionary but also an item block. This specifically does not work with Forestry Trees, as those use a custom item (not an item block) for their saplings.

- Shifted some library code into Mystical Lib.

- Fixed #218: added ore dictionary entries for flour.

- Fixed #202: only fully-grown crops broken/harvested on magmatic soil have a chance to drop XP.

- Fixed #213: the Windwall ritual entry in the documentation now contains an explicit mention of potentially hostile in addition to currently hostile (i.e., spiders)

- Fixed #217 (potentially, though they should already have been potential targets): allow mushrooms to be affected by Growth spells.

- The ordering of the Introduction chapter has been adjusted and the correct Grove Crafting entry is now prioritised, instead of the unrelated lore entry.

- Zombie Villagers now recover slightly faster if they are in the process of reverting back to a normal village while in the proximity of an active Purity ritual.

- The Purity ritual now extinguishes fire.

- Terra Moss has been overhauled and is now (currently) based on a configuration file that specifies two items (mod:item:meta (meta optional)) separated by , denoting the mossy and non-mossy states respectively.

- JEI has been updated to show information from these recipes.

- Patchouli has been updated to cycle through all the potential Terra Moss targets.

- Terra Moss may change to a recipe adjusted via CraftTweaker in the future.

- The Overgrowth ritual currently only targets Cobblestone adjacent to Water. This will be adjusted in the future to be any suitable block adjacent to water.

- Spells using baffle cap when you have none will no longer mention "", but the correct translation.

- The README has been vastly updated including links to configuration settings & an explanation of what each CraftTweaker function does, as well as a link to the documentation on BlameJared's website.

- Some recipes, rituals and spells that used oak bark by default now accept any bark.

- The cost of the Germination ritual has been reduced slightly, replacing 1 bone meal with any bark.

- Block -> bark conversion recipes (and CraftTweaker recipes) now obey the size given in the ItemStack. By default, when adding new barks, you will want to do so with a size of 4 to match the general output (excluding fortune). JEI has been updated to reflect the base quantity.

- The documentation for bark has been updated and the CraftTweaker documentation improved slightly overall.

- Flint and Steel used to directly start a ritual will now take durability damage.

- Configuration options as to how often per random tick a Grove Stone effect will take place (currently 1 out of every 2 random ticks will have an effect) now exist; additionally, there is a configuration option to completely disable the Grove Stone's grass effect. Future versions may instead grow flowers only from the Flower Growth ritual table (see README for information on how to manipulate this).

- Apothecary and Component Pouches will now automatically re-fill when you pick up herbs they contain. They will do so until the stack is full, and the rest will be returned to be picked up into your inventory. Unfortunately, this is enabled by default due to the previous configuration shipping as such. You may wish to change this.

- Runic Shears used with blocks to obtain items will now drop the item at the player's location instead of at the block location.

- Currently, Runic Shears are hard-coded to convert mossy cobblestone into terra moss. This will be updated to use the new configuration at some point in the future.

- The Ritual of Flower Growth will now only place flowers on the server side, instead of appearing to grow additional flowers on the client that don't actually exist.

- Fix #228: Knives no longer void the drops from any item they break, only items that actually have a bark conversion recipe.

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