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Filename Roots-1.12.2-3.0.7.jar
Uploaded by Noobanidus
Uploaded Aug 19, 2019
Game Version Forge
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- New operator/debug commands: /staff <spell name>, /ritual <spell name>, /roots book -- creates a spell staff with the named spell, creates a ritual and (most) of its requirements, and grants you a book and all needed advancements respectively.

- Fix #175: snow no longer forms on the Grove Stone and the Fey Crafter

- You can now plant reeds on aqueous soil.

- Duplication bug was removed.

- Runestone brick alt texture is now correct.

- Recipes now using amethyst will fall back to diamond if amethyst is not registered.

- New ritual: Gathering. Periodically ticks and gathers nearby items if there is an inventory underneath it.

- Cactus can now be grown on earth soil. 

- Growth spells now all use the same format, as do Magnetism spells and rituals and Harvesting spells and rituals.

- The default Animal Harvest recipes have now been updated to include the new mobs in Mystical World (sprouts, owls).

- The default Pacifist entries have also been updated.

- Bark recipes can now be removed and bark recipes will now properly use the metadata and NBT of the ItemStack provided by CraftTweaker.

- Magmatic Soil now throws properly.

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